Collaborative Partnerships

CFIG has fostered special relationships with other non-profit Canadian organizations that offer our members unique and valuable services and benefits. For a full discussion of the various benefits and services available to you, as a CFIG member, please contact Laura Knetsch, Director, Member Resources at 416-492-2311 ext 227.


GS1 Canada

GS1 Canada

GS1 Canada sets industry imaging standards. CFIG member representatives  sit on their Strategic Board, and we support their electronic commerce initiative (ECI). GS1 Canada has set up a portal exclusively for CFIG members and offers members a significant discount on imaging services.  



Association des détaillants
en alimentation du Québec

The ADA is CFIG’s Quebec counterpart, providing French language service for our French members. We share a mutual exchange of information, position papers and support to make a combined advocacy effort for independent grocers across Canada


 Distribution Canada Inc. (DCI)

dci is a national organization of independent grocers that fosters collaborative selling relationships between its shareholders, manufacturers and key stakeholders in the Canadian grocery industry.

Several CFIG members sit on the board of DCI.

 Food & Consumer 
Products of Canada (FCPC)

FCPC is  is the national industry association in Canada, representing the food and consumer products industry. CFIG works closely with several of FCPC’s members who sit on our Associate Members Council. CFIG supports the Nutritional Facts Labelling Initiative (NFEI) by the FCPC, which seeks to better educate Canadian consumers, so that they can make better choices.


Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization representing the food bank community across Canada. CFIG and its members support the Food Banks Canada mission of eliminating hunger across Canada. CFIG donates more than 50,000 tons of food from Grocery Innovations Canada and Grocery Showcase West, every year.




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